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About Us

Latin Silent Disco is an extraordinary event that brings together music, dancing, and socializing like never before. With its highly-anticipated return to Rotterdam, this one-of-a-kind experience is set to be bigger, better, and more sensational than ever.

Our Vision is made clear

At Latin Silent Disco, we believe in empowering our audience to take control of their music journey. We provide a unique opportunity for individuals to curate their own playlist, choosing from three distinct channels featuring the infectious rhythms of reggaeton, the passionate melodies of salsa, and the sultry moves of bachata. This allows our guests to immerse themselves in the music that resonates with their soul, creating an unforgettable night of entertainment.

Dancing and Socializing

Latin Silent Disco is not just about dancing. We understand the importance of meaningful connections and conversations. That’s why we have incorporated a unique feature into our event – the ability to switch seamlessly between dancing and chatting. By simply removing your headphones, you can engage in conversations with your friends without missing a beat, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

What's Included

When you come to Latin Silent Disco in the ticket price is included: 

Headset with 3 channels and volume button

Channel 1: 60% Reggaeton - 20% Merengue - 20% RnB

Channel 2: 100% Bachata

Channel 3: 100% Salsa

100% fun and laughther

Who's Playing

We have a pool of dj’s we work together with and we always have a DJ that speaks spanish.

Lots of good songs

Songs you can expect

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